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My secret.

  • I own a owl.
  • I have been acting since i'm born.
  • I have 2 alien friends.
  • I like watermelon.
  • I would love to be a violist.
  • I love dressing my friends up.



      Nabilah Zainurin <3


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      Wednesday, January 25, 2017 -

      Hey, I'm not dead

      I know this is super random but i couldn't sleep.
      I have not been updating but just to cut it short, I graduated Tp with a diploma.
      Will be heading to the University of Curtin for my degree in physiotherapy. 

      Anyway ~~~
      I didn't realized this blog still exist. 
      I thought i deactivated it.
      But was definitely wrong.
      Came across it via facebook, which also, sadly have yet too be touched.
      I just private my history of selfies and shameless stuff i did. 
      So~~~ Back to Why I'm back all the sudden is well

      i just wanted to say that i'm scared.
      To be leaving,
      To be alone,
      To be growing up,
      and to be lost.
      So, maybe it's time for me to comeback.
      Not with a bang but just a simple slide in with a hey.
      ""I'm not dead.""

      This blog is for me
      To vent or share my experiences, feelings, thoughts
      Or just simple be me.
      Without people judging me
      Without any questions.
      Just a "shoulder" to help me thru this journey.
      Till we meet again.
      All the best, Nabilah


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      Monday, December 2, 2013 -


      Hi all! ^^ This will be a very short update.
      So like i suddenly feel like blogging because I'm using my laptop. i only use my laptop to watch drama or for online shopping. (lame Nabilah is lame... >.<) So currently i'm in semester 1.2. As you can recall, i'm from BME so like this semester i have started my applied sciences modules. Do you know i have 4 LABS! 1 FOR HAP, 1 FOR CHEMISTRY, 1 FOR DFUND2 AND 1 FOR E-DEVICE! And now my timetable is packed.(not forgetting CDs; Psychology)

      I have to go school at 8am on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday is the most hectic of all. I end at 7pm. :'( Well, No one expect Poly life to be that tiring. Forgetting about the tiring schedule, I make some good friends. :D I don't want to talk so much so like yahhh, stalk my INSTAGRAM! ;D


      My Whatsapp background! :D</p>

      They very cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ahahahaa!

      Lab Time! ^^

      Love them! :3

      Like i say! follow me on Instagram @nabilah58

      Nabilah! ^^


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      Saturday, September 14, 2013 -

      Day By Day



      I know i have not been updating. Yes. Part of me was lazy. Another was that i'm schooling and that blogging is not my first priority. Yes, i miss blogging. It's a place where i share my "days" and feelings with you all.

      So what have i been up to?

        Well, I'm currently studying at Temasek Polytechnic. First year of course. Currently I'm having my school holidays so I'm working. Well, why work? because I'm a shopaholic. I LOVE SHOPPING. 
      I will try to update the blog but please don't expect much. I actually did a few posts but it's not posted because it's not completed. It's somehow... NAKED.... Hahahahhaha. Did i scare you... It's "naked" because i have not add any pictures to it. So it's like a body with no clothes. hahahaha. 
      Okay. So, if you want to know more... I am always (try to be) active at Instagram. So follow me.


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      Please view my friend's Blog.

      She's have a talent in taking amazing pictures. 
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      Thank you so much. 

      Hope you have a nice day.


      Please  this post. 

      Thank you. 

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      Sunday, April 21, 2013 -

      Shocking Part 1 for the month of February.

      We are young~

      Hello beautiful people,

      February was a great month for me. Well, i start working for 2 weeks and then another 2 weeks of holiday. hahaha.

      I'm making 2 posts for the month of February because it's too much to say. So this is Part ONE. ^^

      Well then, here goes~

      So the company posted me to Metro Paragon to promote their shoes. I don't know why people say i'm good at promoting but i feel like I'm just lucky. So first few days was okay. The staff and promoter were talking to me. Sales was also good. Make a few good friends. However, good things don't last very long. Something bad happened to me. Really. No joke. I did not told this to many people but since you took your time off to read my blog, i'll tell you. 

      Everyday, i have to check my stocks to see if anyone bought it when i'm not there. I remember clearly i placed the stock paper in a clear folder with price tags in it the night before. The next day, the whole clear folder was MISSING. GONE. So i panicked! like really freaked out. I scared i got scolded by my manager or the staff. I look high and low, both side of the shelf, i still could not find it. So after hours of looking, i finally told my close <span>colleagues. Lucky, one of them found it in the staff drawer. He said "maybe the staff keep for you." I did not think much because as long as i found it, i'm SAVED!

      But, it did not end there. Another unlucky day, the clear plastic bag went missing AGAIN. This time, i was not so careless placing it infront of the shelf, but i actually hide it behind the other boxes and place it at a level whereby you have to use the LADDER! So again.. I freaked out! But i straight away asked help from my friendly and kind <span>colleagues. Still no luck finding. Whats worse is that new stocks are coming in the next day and i have no freaking pricetag!!! Almost night time, one of the guy <span>colleague found it for me. BUT it was in another storeroom and the Asshole placed it at the very top of the shelf (5 storey), have to be at the top of the very big ladder (people who work at department stores know... ) 

      Then after i found it, i was so glad. I really don't know what i'll do without them. I miss them. Especially May9 and that army guy. :'( Other than that incident, i really enjoyed working there. It's better than working in Isetan (you will know more soon~) I feel welcomed in Metro. (mostly) The friends i made at Metro were great to me. 

      Well, now picture time!

      <span><span><span><span>You may not know but i do my hair differently when i come to work early. ahahhaha.


      She wanted to surprise me but she don't know where i'm located. hahahaha!</p>

      Someone who i can talk to when i'm bored. She so nice to meeee. ^^

      Friends i made while working there. ^^

      Going to miss all her nonsense. She's already at her hometown.

      First day whereby they let us wear red. (during the CNY period)

      Meet up with hanan the day before CNY. Bad idea to leave town. hahahahah.

      Going to miss them. They make my work day better. :')

      Recently found out that Carmen have ended her contact. She was so kind in assisting me when i needed help. :)

      Last picture for the post? Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~ (My last day)

      Well then,
      i'm going to end this post here.
      Next one will be about my trip to Brisbane,Australia.
      Stay tune,


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      Sunday, April 14, 2013 -

      Starting a New year. January updates.

      Someone buy this for me for my birthday,pleaseeeeeee :3</p>

      Hello there,

      Have you read my previous update about December event. If have not, click this link >> Here <<< 

      Well then, lets Begin,

      The month of January,

      I have started working. Yes, working.

      The truth is... i started working with Masyitah. We had an event to do.

      My eye's so small. :'(</p>

      Like little girl. 

      Did her hair. :)


      Giving out free ballon! 

      Big bear. Everyone like. 

      Last day. 

      Edit the picture when i was sick. Hahahaha.

      6 January 2013,
      had to go to Meridian Junior Collage to collect my Eagles Award. It was super weird to go there with your Secondary School uniform. When i reached there, was one of the last people to register. hahahaha. Saw a few familiar faces. Hahahhaa. When i went up to receive the award it was weird. hahahaa. But yay! i got free money. hahahhaa. 

      instgram picture.

      Picture with guest of honor.

      10 January 2013
      The day have arrived. O-level 2012 results are out. Everyone was Nervous. Meet up with Masyitah then had breakfast with her. So nervous that i did not eat. hahahaha. Then when we all were at the school hall, we were shaking. Not sure to either cry or be happy. When the principle told us about our school standards, we were either cheering or shocked. When it was my turn, the person beside me was Myat. He already receive his result and yes.. He was the top in school. Me? when i receive mine, i cried. Yes. CRIED. I did badly.(for my standard) Like you wont expect me to get this grades. Not forgetting, I like to thank my friends,classmates and Ncc friends who hugged me and comfort me that day. It helps. After feeling better i had lunch with Suherni. 

      The next step is also hard. We were given 3 days to decide for our future. Yes 3 DAYS!

      18 January 2013,
       One day after Hanan Birthday. Me, Adilah and Masyitah planned to surprise hanan at her workplace and celebrate her birthday there. Well.. It did not turn out as plan as we could not find her workplace and that had to call her to find it. BUT, we had a lovely lunch/dinner and a great time. :) 

      The cute cake with bought for her. ^^</p>



      Happy day. ^^</p>

      _____ January 2013,
      Went out with Masyitah. 

      Pretty girl in skirt. :>


      Miss her. :[</p>


      Well, some extra pictures. ^^
      Sis baked this.

      Sis baked this too. I just add extra ingredient.

      I uses sister's leftover butter and make dougnut. Love it!! 

      well then,
      Hope you like it and stay turned for March Updates next week.

      <span style="color: #e31b6f;">Nabilah. 

      </span>Do  this post!

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